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Creating a beautiful space for a beautiful mind

In 2017, all work and not enough play has meant that we as human beings often feel guilty when we break the mould and do something for ourselves once in a while. I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that we are living in an age where stress has become a normal emotion that many people experience daily. I believe that the stress that we endure can be helped, and that is by putting yourself in beautiful spaces.

I once read an interior decorating ‘how to’ book made in the 1970’s (what seems to be a much simpler time to us millennials) that said when decorating, choose a colour palette that brings you joy. Now, I put this into practice; I sat down and thought, what colours instil absolute relaxation and elate me… and as a result my bedroom is made up with splashes of torqouise, charcoal and a crisp white. The final result did make me happy, every time I walked into my bedroom I felt as though I was in a space that I could let go, because the colours I had chosen to be surrounded by distracted from any of life’s stress. However, I wanted to take this theory a step further, I wanted to replace all of my furniture with pieces that brought me just as much joy as my chosen colour palette did.

My first move was heading to Instagram and Pinterest for decorating inspiration, there is something so therapeutic about looking at pictures of stunningly decorated rooms. After hours of trawling the deep web for gorgeous interior photography, I had selected a few pieces that I just had to have. The rest of the process is pretty self explanatory, I went on a shopping spree and purchased homewares that fed my soul with happiness. Although I was tempted to walk into Kmart and drop $2k on pieces that were on trend, I decided to really invest my money on furniture that was a little more unique than the mass produced pieces they offer.  I am so glad that I stuck with my vision and dedicated my time and money to this direction, because the results have brought me the feelings that I so desired my own space would bring.

My advice to fellow ‘beautiful space’ seekers: 

  • Do your research – Do not impulse buy, I repeat, do not. Planning your beautiful space means that you will have no regrets later on when you splash the cash. Start with a colour palette, search the internet for inspiration, and allow yourself to fall in love with special pieces. Smart purchases are created with smart planning.
  • If it makes you happy, do it – If you’ve partaken in the above and found pieces that you have fallen head over heels in love with, treat yourself. Reality check: it is okay to spoil yourself sometimes, and can you really put a price on happiness?
  • Make your beautiful space your priority – surrounding yourself with things that make you happy definitely plays on your mood. Life is stressful, make sure you have somewhere aesthetically pleasing you can escape to.
  • When you’ve furnished your space, move on to beautiful scents – this is the finishing touch. When all is said and done, pick a scent that you associate with good times. I promise you, a good scented soy candle really completes a fabulous room, you wont regret it.

Remember, every person on this earth is different, it is important to express your individuality through your surroundings to enhance your happiness – not that you need to justify homewares shopping… so go forth my friends, and fill your homes with beautiful furniture, your mind will thank you for it!




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  1. How lucky you are to be in the UK as well! You guys have some of the COOLEST homewares collections available to you! Happy shopping from Aus 🙂

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